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The leaves are oval formed with sawtoothed edges and can be as large as 10 inches in diameter. Bouquets have a sticky come to feel, though leaves and stems are hairy and rough. The big sunflower you usually see in gardens is a relative of this native.

The genus title Helianthus is from two Greek phrases that means “solar” and “flower”. The species name annus signifies “annual”.

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Native people employed not only the seeds as food, but cultivated fibers from the stems and produced a dye from the bouquets. Read far more. White. Common Title: Red Skinned Onion. Botanical Identify: Allium haematochiton. Plant Type: Perennial. Habitat: hillsides in close proximity to water. Color: White. Red-skinned onion blooms from March to May and has an oniony odor. Its whitish pink bouquets appear in clusters at the ends of foot-long or more stems.

A normal characteristic plant identification of vegetation in the lily household is their expanding from bulbs, rhizomes or corms. Purple-skinned onion’s flat and slender leaves and stems emerge from clusters of one inch rectangular bulbs with reddish-purple outer levels. The flower clusters kind at the ends of 1/two inch stems, from 10-thirty bouquets compacted at their heads. Every single flower has 3 petals, three sepals which look like petals, 6 stamens and one pistil.

The flowers are white to pink in color. The genus identify Allium is Latin for “garlic”. The species identify haematochiton translates as “blood coat”, referring to the pink skin of the bulb. Read a lot more.

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Pink Pink. Common Name: Pink Maids. Botanical Identify: Calandrinia menziesii. Plant Form: Yearly. Habitat: grassy locations and woodland edges. Color: Pink Crimson. Red Maids are tiny annuals with spreading and branching stems. Blooming time is from February to June. These vegetation vary from California down to Baja California and out in direction of Arizona.

This plant favors a disturbance (edge of a trail – which is exactly where you are likely to uncover 99% of these bouquets) and is a recognised fire follower. The pink-magenta flowers are 3/four inch in diameter with 5 petals and numerous white-yellow stamens. They show up at the tops of the stems in a leafy raceme. The hairless alternating lance-shaped leaves are light-environmentally friendly, 1 to three inches very long and spaced sparsely up the stems. Read a lot more. Pink Blue. Common Title: San Diego Milk-aster. Botanical Identify: Stephanomeria diegensis. Plant Sort: Annual. Habitat: Chaparral, Coastal Scrub. Color: Pink Blue. San Diego Milk-aster or Stephanomeria digensis This plant is a fireplace-follower or at minimum thrives after a hearth as well as disturbed parts.

The flowers on this Annual herb are located in hues from pale pink to lavendar to purple or white. Pistils and Stamens are existing in this flower. The filaments are bi-colored with the upper component getting a lighter or darker variation of the flower and the decreased part being white. These bouquets are however blooming extended following most many others have concluded their operate. They are easy to realize by their lengthy rigid pole like stems – dotted with smaller flowers. This plant is a member of the Aster Family.

What we phone a flower is in fact a composite: the flower head is produced up of ray flowers (consider petals) and disk flowers. Common Identify: Perezia, Sacapellote. Botanical Title: Acourtia microcephala. Plant Sort: Perennial. Habitat: Woodland and or Chaparral. Color: Pink. Sacapellote aka Perzia is a fire-follower. The bouquets on this perennial herb are identified in hues from rose to purple and on unusual occasion white.

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